Image of bruder CAT large CHAIN DOZER

bruder CAT large CHAIN DOZER

The original of the CAT Kettendozers impressed every viewer by its dimension and the design with the salient Delta chain drive. During development of our model, we have felt obliged and in accordance with this impression of our claim in the small as the great (just like the real thing) can also be used as a toy impressive model was created. Special attention is replaced by the fully functional link chain of 62 members and even in rough day-to-day operations (sand box) no weak points. The mighty dozer blade is just like the original height and inclination adjustable. The impressive rippers can be adjusted in height. The cab doors can be opened to the Chain dozer with our bworld figures to complement and thus a reality-style game world. The realistic games with this true power machine is thus in the children's room or in the open, do not get in the way. Ideally, the brothers vehicles with our building site accessories.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 69.99

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