Image of Zebra Hologram Men's Pimp Shoes ID EE312PIMPZ-M

Zebra Hologram Men's Pimp Shoes ID EE312PIMPZ-M

Dance Dance Evolution For hundreds of years, humans have loved to dance the night away. From string quartets and country dances to booming nightclubs and twerking, there has been a lot of variety in how we do it. There has also been a lot of variety in what we wear. Dress lengths have changed, suits have evolved, and the general level of formality has been raised and lowered. If you like to dance and you often find yourself reaching for jumpsuits, bell-bottoms, bold button-ups, and halter tops, you might belong in a 70s disco club. And if your go-to moves include the hustle, the funky chicken, and the sprinkler, then you most definitely do! Product Details Dancing is never quite as great as when you’re wearing platform shoes. If you’re looking for a pair to complete your wacky disco outfit, try these Zebra Hologram Pimp Shoes. The 3¼-inch heels will give you a little extra height while you’re strutting your stuff on the dance floor, and the zebra pattern adds an extra exciting touch. Wear them with some colorful bell-bottoms and a deep v-neck shirt to really cement the style. You’ll be the king of the disco when you have shoes like these!

Price: USD 59.99

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