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The sport that rallied nations, started a Central American war, and carries two different names. Soccer/ European football is a generational sport that carries a lasting impact on and off the field. With World Soccer magazine, capture the intensity of this world and learn more about the players, managers, and legendary clubs from the past that have dominated the field. Learn more about the coaches who have left lasting dynasties in their respective nations and clubs. Anticipate who will win this years’ annual Top Player of the Year or Top Manager of the Year awards. See if your team or nation has cemented itself in football lore through World Soccer magazine. History of World Soccer Magazine First founded in the year 1960, World Soccer began with a specialization in the international football scene. As the years progressed, World Soccer aimed to capture the competitive nature of Soccer. To do this, in 1982, the magazine organized lists such as “Player of the Year,” “Manager of the Year,” and “Team of the Year” awards. The award titles would go on to imprint immortalized elites such as Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, and more. Content Soccer fans are treated to more than just player biographies and statistics. With World Soccer, authoritative writers scan the institution of Soccer from around the world and touch on the politics, drama, and power-struggles found in the sport. With the sport being so intertwined with politics at a national level, read up on how certain policies and changing times have shaped the landscape of the game as we know it. With World Soccer at the forefront of all things football, stay entertained, updated, and informed on everything going on in the soccer world. What to Expect: World Soccer Digital Magazine + Discountmags Whether you're looking to stay up to date on all soccer matters or want to know how your favorite team is doing, World Soccer has all of your bases covered. Offering the best prices on the internet for all of your digital issues, count on DiscountMags for all of your future issues of World Soccer.

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