Image of Wonderful Woman Women's Costume Boots ID FUN561100-7

Wonderful Woman Women's Costume Boots ID FUN561100-7

Not Just Made for Walking Boots that are made for walking are so overrated. We can do better than that, right? How about boots that pursue truth, justice, and peace? What about boots that are made for freeing the oppressed and righting all the wrongs in the world. Give us boots that can handle going toe to toe with a wall of gunfire as your heroic way across a World War 1 battlefield. Give us the kicks that'll help us launch into the air and land in the perfect superhero stance as the wind blows through our hair. Also, boots that would look right at home riding in an invisible airplane wouldn't be bad either. Are you ready to upgrade your walking boots for superhero kicks? You're in the right place. Zipping into these bright red baddies is a sure step to your heroic future! Product Details These brilliant red boots let everyone know that you're here for truth and justice! The brilliant red faux patent leather matches a range of superhero costumes. The boots zip up the inner side, making them easy to slip into without interrupting your enchanting look. A chunky heel at the back adds just the right amount of lift to give your superhero stance that extra lift you crave!

Price: USD 79.99

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