Image of Women's Sexy Latex Nun Costume ID FUN2424AD-S

Women's Sexy Latex Nun Costume ID FUN2424AD-S

Catechism Cataclysm Have you had enough of claiming the "spiritual, not religious" title? Are you ready to bring a little drama and daring to your doctrine? Maybe it's time that you put together your very own cloister. Instead of taking a vow of silence, you can all take a vow to never pipe down when you've got a bee in your bonnet. You can keep the incense, chanting, and candlelight but leave behind chastity, poverty, and meatless Fridays. While we're excited to see what kinds of ceremonies you mix up. Your version of mass could be going out dancing with the rest of your cloister. Instead of holy water, you can baptize folks in your sweat. Your original catechism is in for a mighty change! It could be called a cataclysm or a blessing, depending on who you ask. But you're pretty sure your edgy new doctrine is going to be a blast! Design & Details Our in-house designers have taken the classic sexy nun costume to the next level. The wet-look top has a flattering square neckline and zips up the back. It's paired with a matching, long habit. Complete with high-cut hot pants with cross garter straps and a red cross necklace, this sleek ensemble will make you feel ready for any rituals you might come up with! Nun Power This sexy nun costume will make you feel powerful and sexy at the same time! Want to customize your look? Complete this look with wet-look thigh-high stockings and long black gloves. Whether you're heading out to a club, party, or themed event, you're going to be glad that you thought of all the little details. This high-quality costume can be slipped into again and again. Sure, this costume might not be Sunday School friendly, but it's just what you need to start your own sexy sister movement!

Price: USD 59.99

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