Image of Women's Plus Size Hocus Pocus Mary Sanderson Costume ID FUN1913PL-8X

Women's Plus Size Hocus Pocus Mary Sanderson Costume ID FUN1913PL-8X

The Life of a Witch Every group has its partygoer, its comic center, and even the gal who keeps the group together. For a trio as troublesome as Disney's Sanderson Sisters, that’s a pretty huge task to take! Fortunately, Mary Sanderson is a witch who can really work some wonders. Let’s take a look at her skill set. First off, can she brew a potion like nobody else and sniff out sources of magic like a kiddo on a cookie hunt. Her real talent comes in innovation, though! Who else could think of using a vacuum cleaner as a form of alternative transportation! We’re pretty sure that whole lower-lip biting is just what happens when she’s coming up with a spontaneous new spell. Design & Details There’s no need to wait for a child to chant a few magic words from a spell book for you to transform into the marvelous Mary. Our in-house design team worked out some wonders to bring you this officially licensed Mary Sanderson costume. You’ll be innovating a few spells on your own once you wear the multi-layered skirt and our Disney's Hocus Pocus-inspired shirt! Mary’s chain links accent the shirt and you’ll be able to stow your potion ingredients in the pocket of the tweed apron! Add a beauty mark on your nose and practice your pose while you top off the look with Mary’s unique hairstyle thanks to the Mary Sanderson wig! Make some magic on your own or gather up your fellow sisters to claim the night in a Disney's Hocus Pocus group costume. We can hardly start Halloween without our favorite witch, after all!

Price: USD 159.99

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