Image of Women's Plus Size Emerald Maiden Costume ID FUN1595PL-1X

Women's Plus Size Emerald Maiden Costume ID FUN1595PL-1X

Mistakes were Made The Medieval era was a time of strong fashion choices. Noble people had wild outfits! Men often wore shoes that were up to two feet long. The toes were so long that they had to be stuffed with wool and whalebone to be kept in place. Men even wore them to battle and had to cut off the tips of the toes in order to run away from the enemy. Of course, women didn't escape inconvenient fashion trends. Rich gals wore tall cone-shaped hats, making going through doorways quite tricky. Ladies who were worried about ruining their nice shoes in the mucky streets would protect them by wearing wooden stilts that slipped over their shoes. This was so difficult that they had to hire attendants to help them get from place to place.  Medieval fashion trends didn't get it all right. What era did? At least now we can pick and choose what Medieval fashion trends we'd like to keep. We think this gorgeous green gown is a great place to start! Design & Details This Made By Us emerald gown was created by our history-loving creative team. They work to bring pick the best fashions of the Medieval era and bring them into modern times. No need to have your servants help you into a corset. This lush velvet gown zips up the back. The gown is designed with a layered look in mind, a shift material peeps out from below the neckline and from the styled gaps in the sleeves. Off-white lace trims the front, matching the lace around the gown's cuffs. Elegant and high-quality, this Made By Us gown will be a favorite part of your costume collection for years to come.  Making it Right Two-foot long shoes and tiny personal stilts might be fashion trends that are better lost to history. This historic style, however, deserves a new life. Wear this gown to costume parties and festivals and you'll feel gorgeous in castles and condos alike!

Price: USD 79.99

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