Image of Women's Plus Size Dynamite Costume ID PKPK2224XL-2X

Women's Plus Size Dynamite Costume ID PKPK2224XL-2X

The Shorter the Fuse Some people talk about having a short fuse like it's a bad thing. We disagree. Who doesn't like a little fireworks display every once in a while. And don't those folks know that a long fuse is a dangerous thing? If folks go getting angry and swallowing it up, that gun powder is going to blast off in the place they least expect it. That's why there are so many videos on the internet of people having drive-through melt downs.  It's time to celebrate your fuse! To let people know what they're dealing with. Hey, as long as they handle with care, there's nothing to fear from a short fuse! Costume Details This bright and flirty look brings to mind the classic burlesque show. The patent leather bodysuit has fun tutu flairs on the sides and a cheeky fishnet neckline. The teddy has lightly padded cups and a snapping inseam for quick and easy bathroom breaks. Zipping up the back, the stretchy suit is easy to slip into without messing up your hair and makeup.  This combustible look is complete with a fabulous TNT hat that secures to your head with a headband. Ready for your next costumed event, this high-quality costume is a great pick for parades, performances, and any costume party that might come your way! The Big Bang In with a whisper, out with a bang? Um, that's not your style. Make an impact as soon as you arrive in this brilliant Dynamite costume! 

Price: USD 89.99

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