Image of Women's Plus Size Caged Heart Queen Costume ID PKPK2150XL-3X

Women's Plus Size Caged Heart Queen Costume ID PKPK2150XL-3X

Roses in Bloom Wonderland is a pretty amazing place. You never quite know what you'll find. But the thing that shocked us the most was realizing that the Queen of Hearts didn't just love roses. Turns out that the roses were pretty fond of her, too! In fact, all she needed to do was treat her floral garden kindly and those petals would bloom all around her, creating one heck of a wardrobe in a snap! Can we replicate something as unique here on Earth? Well, it's time to test our talents! Product DetailsĀ  Test out an entirely different take on the Wonderland Queen when you wear this Plus Size Caged Heart Queen costume. This clever costume starts out as a bodysuit that zips up the back and buttons at the neck. Sequins, shiny silver braid, and faux pearls decorate the front cutout and puffy sleeves add to the queenly aesthetic. The skirt is constructed of several plastic hoops, covered in fabric and held in place by sheer ribbons. Colorful fabric roses are tied at several joints along the skirt and the whole thing can be worn with an elastic satin waistband or left to the side when you choose to leave court behind! Add a bright red wig or ornate crown to complete your look and show that you are the one who rules Wonderland!

Price: USD 109.99

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