Image of Verbatim Store n Go Fingerprint Secure 2 TB 25 external hard drive USB 32 (Gen 1) Black 53651

Verbatim Store n Go Fingerprint Secure 2 TB 25 external hard drive USB 32 (Gen 1) Black 53651

Protecting your data, especially on the move, is becoming more and more a major task today – not only for companies, but also from a personal point of view. Imagine leaving your personal files in the train or back seat of a taxi, knowing that everyone can access them because they are stored on a standard hard drive. The fingerprint-secured hard disk uses a combination of 256-bit AES hardware encryption and biometric technology for full information security.Extremely secure encryption256-bit AES hardware encryption seamlessly encrypts all data on the drive in real time. The drive meets the requirements of the GDPR because 100% of the drive is securely encrypted. Integrated fingerprint recognition allows access for up to eight authorized users; administrators can also access the device with a password. The hard disk does not store passwords on the computer or on the volatile memory of the system and is therefore much more secure than software encryption. User friendlyThe easy-to-use software allows up to eight users to log in and save their fingerprints. Once assigned, these users can lock and unlock the device only with their stored fingerprint. Simply connect the fingerprint protection to your PC and place your finger lightly on the sensor. When the fingerprint is detected, the hard disk unlocks and a green LED on the device lights up. You can also access the hard disk with an administrator password.Comprehensive connectivity optionsThe USB 3.1 GEN 1 hard disk interface with a USB-C port provides extremely high data transfer speeds* and is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems. The package includes a USB-C to USB-A cable and a USB-C adapter for connecting to different devices. It can also be connected to TVs after a fingerprint has been saved – a feature that is not possible with regularly encrypted hard drives.Back-up SoftwareFor even more security, Nero Backup software helps you back up all your files, folders and drives from your laptop, PC or other device. This also allows you to set up automatic backups and schedule them to run on a regular basis! The Nero Backup software is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (not compatible with Mac OS).This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 144.99

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