Image of Vampire Hunter Adult Costume ID FUN2430AD-XL

Vampire Hunter Adult Costume ID FUN2430AD-XL

The Secret Hunters Silver and garlic help to combat the forces of evil, but when it comes to actually stopping a vicious monster, you need a seasoned pro. Don't believe vampires exist? That means that the vampire hunters are doing their jobs. They work in the shadows, careful to keep the rest of society from learning about the terrors that walk among them every day. Does that make them some of the coolest heroes you've ever heard of? Yes. Yes, it does.  Product Details Take down plenty of bloodsucking threats while wearing this exclusive Vampire Hunter Costume for Adults! The old-fashioned, steampunk-influenced outfit includes a long brown overcoat that opens over a black faux leather vest front. The vest front is decorated with four silver-tone buckles and looks extra dashing with the attached chain. The brown hat has a wide brim to hide your features and help you escape detection from vampires and mortals alike. Add your weapon of choice as a final touch!  On the Job  Monsters are everywhere: In crowds, at parties, in graveyards, and especially in scary Gothic castles with dozens of coffins in underground vaults. It's a good thing humanity has you to keep it safe! Of course, one night off won't hurt, and it would be fun to go to a party and have friends tell you what a cool "costume" you have. One word to the wise: Make sure that the vampires you see at Halloween aren't actually humans in disguise. That would be awkward. 

Price: USD 59.99

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