Image of Triphasic Training: A systematic approach to elite speed and explosive strength performance

Triphasic Training: A systematic approach to elite speed and explosive strength performance

Triphasic Training is the pinnacle of sports performance training. That's not hype. Cal Dietz, strength coach at the University of Minnesota, has the results to back up this claim - a Hobey Baker Award winner, two Big Ten Athletes of the Year, over 400 All-Americans, 28 Big Ten/WCHA championship teams, 7 NCAA National Team Champions, and 13 teams that finished in the top four in the nation.Over the past decade, Coach Dietz has worked with thousands of collegiate and professional athletes, incorporating the latest scientific research into developing his Triphasic Training method. His approach breaks down athletic movements into their three components -- eccentric, isometric, and concentric -- allowing for the continuous development of athletes, maximizing their strength, speed, and power.In this easy-to-understand book, Coach Dietz has teamed up with exercise physiologist, Ben Peterson, to explain the physiological foundations of Triphasic Training and how they can be applied to training, making athletes bigger, stronger and faster than ever before. The authors give examples of complete programs, as well as examples of how to incorporate the Triphasic method into existing programs, with descriptions on adapting it to virtually any scenario.The digital edition of this book contains over 3,000 hyperlinks to video clips that demonstrate how to properly perform every exercise, as well as six hours of video lectures by Coach Dietz from his national speaking tour. In this book, these hyperlinks are indicated by words or phrases that are underlined. In order for you to take advantage of these features, included in the book is a web link to a downloadable PDF that contains the hyperlinks and videos from the original digital book.Included in the book: - 5 complete 24-week training programs designed for 6-day, 5-day, 4-day, 3-day, or 2-day training models.- Over two dozen tables showing when and how to modify exercises to ensure continuous improvement in athletes.- Peaking programs for football lineman and skill players; swimmers; baseball, volleyball, and hockey players (among others).- A complete 52-week training program for football."Awesomeness! Finally someone has done it right. If you want to challenge yourself, open your mind and just get better at your craft, I suggest you read this book." - Kevin Ziegler Former NHL Strength Coach for the Phoenix Coyotes and Tampa Bay Lightning"Triphasic Training is a down-to-earth, raw, bare bones book on training. No B.S., just honest facts. It gives you methods and ideas that have been proven to make athletes better. A must have book for any coach's or athlete's library."- Buddy MorrisWorld Renown Performance Coach"Triphasic Training is a game-changer! I integrated the Triphasic Method with many collegiate and professional athletes at IMG. The results were outstanding! It's a "must have" for anyone trying to get better!"- Jeff DillmanDirector of Strength and ConditioningUniversity of Florida Football "Amazing book! One of the best books I have read on strength and conditioning. You two have touched upon so many key topics and principles that few discuss to any extent. Awesome work!"- Jonas SahratianStrength and Conditioning CoordinatorUniversity of North Carolina Basketball"I have to congratulate you as Triphasic Training is one of the best books in strength and conditioning I have read. Extremely practical with very well-presented arguments and logic behind your practical tools and templates. A good blend of innovation, science/research and experience throughout."- Scott WilliamsExercise PhysiologistGolf Australia and PGA of Australia

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