Image of Transition Metal Toxicity ID 101159781483218403

Transition Metal Toxicity ID 101159781483218403

Author - Richter, G.W.
Adult - Health - 2013/10/01 - Academic Press
International Review of Experimental Pathology, Volume 31: Transition Metal Toxicity merges discussions of normal and deranged metabolism of transition metals; redox cycling of metal ions in biological systems; oxidative stress during the metabolic interactions of metal ions; and the actions of oxygen-derived free radicals in the pathogenesis of metal ion toxicity. The book also describes the roles played by chromium and other metals in carcinogenesis; the morphologic pathology of metal toxicosis; and metal ion overload due to inborn metabolic defects, as well as to excessive environmental exposure. Research findings at the molecular, cellular, and organ levels are reviewed. Physiologists, biochemists, pathologists, and biophysicists will find the book invaluable.

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