Image of Toy Story Gabby Gabby Deluxe Costume for Women ID DI89864-M

Toy Story Gabby Gabby Deluxe Costume for Women ID DI89864-M

Kicking It Old School Thinking you've got what it takes to make it through the decades? Some of the best toys were created decades ago! Your parents probably have those toys that they look back on with rose colored glasses. There was the doll who had a braid that you could pull on to make her hair grow. For the children of the nineties, nostalgia is all about the Polly Pocket or the Sky Dancer. We're sure Gabby Gabby was probably a sought after doll back in her day. And (spoiler alert) while her voice was rather disturbing, she actually was rather polite. All she really needed was a little girl to bond to! The best part is, now her old school ways are back in style. What better way to go than retro? Product Details Ready to recite your tea time phrases? A great Gabby Gabby costume will make you ready to hop off the shelf and make new friends. Officially licensed, this Toy Story costume is from the final chapter. The dress has an adorable and flattering baby doll shape. The high cut neck has a curved white collar and high waistband. The skirt flares out, making twirling extra fun. The bright yellow polka dot fabric is adorable, retro, and rather photogenic. Pair this dress with pigtails, white ankle socks, and a character shoe to make yourself tea time ready.  Go Ahead and be a Dummy An encounter with Gabby Gabby could have gone desperately wrong. After all, it's hard to stay cheerful after getting kidnapped by a retro doll that rides in an ancient carriage guarded by dummies. Want to make this a couple's costume? Get your partner to be a dummy for an awesome look that'll rile up Toy Story fans wherever you go!

Price: USD 69.99

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