Image of TEPPY SPRINKLE SHOWER Red-2Pcs ID 173897164


Interactive toy for bath time This cute baby elephant design will surely attract any childs attention and make bath time more fun and enjoyable. Great for any little kid to add more fun to bath time! Electric Shower Bathtub Toys the cute shape, realistic lotus sprinkler, cloud nozzle, and overall design makes any children?s bath time more interesting. Just tap the baby elephant?s belly gently, and the water just keeps flowing! 360 Rotatable Shower 360 angle adjustment, two water outlet methods, large water output. Electric circulation, circular water output, all-round waterproof. The battery compartment is sealed and waterproof. The back suction cup can be adsorbed on flat and curved surfaces! Batteries Assembly 4X1.5 V AAA Required (not included). VERY IMPORTANT! Take out the battery insert from batter case and put 4X1.5V AAA to make it work. Made of durable plastic materials and cute bath toys. Best water spray bath toy ever!

Price: USD 52.72

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