Image of TDK-Lambda HWS300-12 AC/DC PSU module 27 A 300 W 144 V DC

TDK-Lambda HWS300-12 AC/DC PSU module 27 A 300 W 144 V DC

The TDK-Lambda HWS300-12 belongs to the manufacturer's HWS series of single output industrial power supplies. High reliability is guaranteed through a lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer.Typical applications include: Factory automation: Process control, NC-machining, automotive, packaging equipment,materials handling, chemical processing, robotsTest & measurement automated service: Burn-in & test, automated test, instrumentation, measurement or detection.With efficiencies up to 90% and excellent power to integrate the devices up to 150 watts convection in 1U chassis The devices with 300 W and 600 W output power are cooled by internal fan and come out with 2 DB. Under the name of HWS-P, the 300 W and 600 W power class devices are available with 3-fold overload capacity designed for starting motors The range of output voltages range from 5V to 48V, each adjustable by a potentiometer in the range of + / - 20%. The devices meet the requirements of SEMI F47 in terms of voltage dips in supply.

Price: EUR 335.00

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