Image of Sunburst Tangerine Tree (Height: 3 - 4 FT)

Sunburst Tangerine Tree (Height: 3 - 4 FT)

The Sunburst Tangerine Tree, botanical name Citrus reticulata Sunburst, is an evergreen citrus tree of the flowering family Rutaceae. It originated as a cross between two citrus hybrids, the Robinson and Osceola in 1961. It was released by C. J. Hearn of the United States Department of Agriculture in Orlando for commercial use in 1979. This small citrus tree is moderately vigorous with an up-right, spreading growth habit. Like other tropical citrus trees, dwarf tangerine trees and standard-sized tangerine trees are best grown outdoors in USDA hardiness zones 8 to 11. It is nearly thornless and has deep-green, glossy foliage making it great for landscaping when you want to add a nice splash of greenery to a backyard or patio. What makes this tangerine tree even better is that it produces beautiful, sweet-smelling blossoms that add appeal to the tree as well as a wonderful fragrance when in bloom. Tangerine trees can be used for hedges around the house since you can easily prune them to any shape and size you want. You can also line pathways with tangerine trees to provide shade and heavenly fragrance that you, your family and your friends can enjoy. Sunburst Tangerine Trees both produce medium-sized, round fruits with a sunburst shape on the stem end giving it its name. The fruits have brilliant, dark-orange, easy to peel rind and flesh that bursts with sweet and juicy flavor making them pleasing not only to the eyes but also to the palate.

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