Image of Street Fighter Ryu Costume for Adults ID FUN2707AD-M

Street Fighter Ryu Costume for Adults ID FUN2707AD-M

Round 1. Party! You never know when a fight is going to break out. Always be ready this Halloween when you go to the party dressed up in this exclusive Adult Street Fighter Ryu Costume. When you're dressed as this iconic fighter from the popular 80s and 90s video game "Street Fighter", people will think twice before messing with you. For all they know, you've memorized all the combos and you've mastered all the special moves. Nobody wants to get Hadokened across the room! Bring nostalgia with you this Halloween when you show up to the party as this popular video game character. Everyone will welcome you in with open arms. You'll just have to fight the urge to attack those openings. Remember, your goal is to have a fun night, not a fight night! Round 2. Details! This costume has been designed by our own team of Street Fighter experts. Everything you need to transform into the legendary Ryu is included. Start this powerful transition with the sleeveless wrap tunic. Use the included black belt to secure this tunic comfortably to your waist. The cut-off pants are made with an elastic waistband that provides a snug fit. Like the arm openings, the edges of the pants feature a jagged design. Along with the tunic, pants, and black belt, you will also receive a red fabric headband. Tie it around your head as desired. Finally, toss on the pair of faux leather fingerless gloves. With that, you will have completed your new officially licensed Street Fighter look!

Price: USD 89.99

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