Image of Stranger Things Women's Deluxe Eleven Season 4 Look Costume ID DI124529-L

Stranger Things Women's Deluxe Eleven Season 4 Look Costume ID DI124529-L

The 80s Called... For those of us who lived through the 80s, Stranger Things is a real treat. The horror series really does a great job of getting the look and feel of that magical decade just right. We remember wasting time at the arcade, watching Ghostbusters in the theaters, and making some odd fashion choices. Eleven captures all of that 80s nostalgia with her colorful clothing choices. And season 4 is definitely no exception! She doesn't disappoint with her asymmetrical, neon striped dress! This Stranger Things Women's Deluxe Eleven Costume perfectly recreates the style of her outfit from season 4, making it easy for any fan to transform into the iconic character from the show. Product Details This adult Stranger Things Eleven outfit is the 1980s incarnate! It's officially licensed and it comes with a simple, white dress, and it features glorious neon stripes on the front and back. The dress has an asymmetrical style, which includes bright green, purple, orange, and blue. The sleeves give the appearance of a plaid, long-sleeve shirt underneath. Pair those two looks together and you have something that's definitely Eleven's style (or perhaps something that came from Joyce's closet). And since it's all a single dress, you don't have to deal with putting together multiple pieces to craft your perfect cosplay outfit. More Eleven Costumes Tips If you truly want to capture Eleven's style from Stranger Things, then you'll want to pair this costume up with a simple pair of sneakers and some crew socks (both sold separately). Be sure to check out our full roster of Stranger Things costumes. After all, if you plan on defeating Vecna once and for all, then you'll definitely need to team up with the rest of the Stranger Things crew. Eleven can't do it all on her own!

Price: USD 59.99

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