Image of Somfy V300 Video door intercom Indoor panel

Somfy V300 Video door intercom Indoor panel

Recognise this problem? They are upstairs in the bedroom, clearing up the laundry and suddenly it rang. Quickly down race to the intercom and take the visit. But be careful, don't fall.This is a thing of the past with the Somfy® indoor unit for the V300 video door intercom system. Add another indoor unit for your second floor to your V300. So you can see from every floor who wants to visit you.You don't know the person? No problem: Simply have a conversation with your visitor via voice without granting this access. In addition, you can also contact your loved ones by means of the inner stations: You have cooked and would like to call your children to eat? Just let the indoor unit tell you they're going to come in.The indoor unit is equipped with a Somfy-RTS radio transmitter (Radio Technology Somfy). This radio remote control can be used to operate all building technology products that have a Somfy-RTS radio receiver (garage doors, entrance gates, lighting, shutters, awnings, etc.).This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 225.00

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