Image of Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume ID FUN2064AD-XS

Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume ID FUN2064AD-XS

A magical journey awaits you! Want to know an easy way to grin from ear to ear just like a Cheshire cat? The answer to that is simple. It doesn't involve enchantments, magic, or illusion, but it happens to involve your closet. Do you see what we're getting at yet? You'll have a wickedly wide smile on your face that rivals that of Wonderland's Cheshire Cat when you wear a fashionable ensemble, and a costume doesn't get more fashionable than this one right here. Details & Design You'll feel ready to walk the catwalk (pun intended) when you strut in wearing this sexy wonderland cat costume that's Made by Us. You'll be sporting funky Wonderland inspired flair that's drawn up by our very own in house designers. You'll receive a purple and pink striped dress with comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps. The ribbon, which laces up the front of the dress, acts like a corset which is undeniably sexy. Polish the look by wearing the included bolero jacket, arm warmers, and the matching legwarmers. Of course, a pair of black Mary Jane high heels will be the cherry on top of the whole ensemble. It's no wonder Once you are decked out in this exclusive Cheshire Cat costume, you are ready to embark on your extraordinary Halloween journey. In colorful stripes like these, it's pretty hard to avoid having a great time! Prepare to play lighthearted practical jokes on fellow revelers and get in touch with your mischievous side by trying to misdirect trick or treaters. Want to make this a group ensemble? You should also try to meet up with the other Wonderland residents. Make your Halloween snapshots picture perfect when you pair up with characters like Alice, Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and even the Red Queen for a marvelous adventure that you'll never forget!

Price: USD 54.99

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