Image of Sexy Sinful Confession Men's Costume ID RO5029-L

Sexy Sinful Confession Men's Costume ID RO5029-L

Why Not Be Naughty? There are a lot of reasons to avoid drawing the attention of demons. If you've ever seen an exorcism, you know that things can get downright dirty. Heads spin like crazy and let's not even talk about all the fire. It can get hot as sin! Of course, those are only the real trouble-making torments. There are several lesser temptations that are way less problematic. Like sneaking a cookie off the cooling rack or calling in sick when you really just needed a little you-time. Sure, they're all against the rules, but everyone needs to take a walk on the naughty side now and again!  Product Details  Whether it is time for you to show a little skin or you'd like to be there for others in need of a good confession, this Sexy Sinful Confession Costume for Men is just the thing to turn some heads! This one-piece romper snaps up the front and features a mesh top so everyone can see that you've nothing to hide. Black wrist bands match the attached priest cape which fastens closed with a white-collar snap. Instead of a clerical scarf, you have a white satin belt at your waist, so you can absolve any sins with a shake of your hips! 

Price: USD 64.99

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