Image of Sexy Honey Beekeeper Women's Costume ID PKPK2230-M

Sexy Honey Beekeeper Women's Costume ID PKPK2230-M

Busy Bee Workplace The average person looks at a meadow of flowers and just sees a peaceful setting, perfect for frolicking and sunbathing. A bee keeper sees a busy workplace. All those black eyed susans and Queen Anne's lace blossoms have blooms just waiting to be harvested from. And from the moment the bees wake up at dawn to the gorgeous summer sunset, this workplace will be bustling. Now, that's the kind of work hustle we can get behind! Does the title bee whisperer appeal to you? Can you imagine yourself harvesting honey made from the pollen of wildflowers? While we can't all lead that charmed, bee-keeping life, you can still capture some of that sweet magic when you slip into this sexy Honey Beekeeper costume! Costume Details This lovely beekeeper costume features a bright white teddy with 3D felt bees attached, matching leg warmers, a hat with attached veil, and a hive-shaped purse. The teddy has a high neck with a lace up keyhole cutout below the front neckline. The three dimensional bees are attached to the teddy, the leg warmers, and the veil, making it look like you're in the midst of the honey harvesting process. The matching hat features a sheer veil, giving you a extra dash of sweet mystery when you enter any gathering. Flirtatious and playful, this costume is a great choice for a range of costumed occasions! Bee All You Can Bee Whether you're an avid gardener or just a fan of honey, this bee keeper costume is a unique option for your Halloween festivities. Just be sure and remind everyone that your little bee friends are all sweet and no sting so there's no reason to panic!

Price: USD 89.99

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