Image of Scorpion Exo-Tech Evo Team Blue Black White Modular Helmet Size XS EN

Scorpion Exo-Tech Evo Team Blue Black White Modular Helmet Size XS EN

Scorpion Exo-Tech Evo Team Blue Black White Modular Helmet Introducing the EXO-Tech Evo Team, Scorpion's breakthrough in modular helmet design. Ideal for the speed enthusiasts, its unique chin piece tucks away aerodynamically, letting you slice through the air with ease. When you're off the throttle, enjoy the protection from the elements with the visor's full coverage. Added perks like an integrated sun visor and the crystal-clear vision of Max Vision pinlock make it your trusty sidekick for any ride. Your Safety, Our Commitment: EXO-Tech Evo's Specs * P/J Homologation: Dual-certified as both a full-face and open-face helmet, the EXO-Tech Evo Team provides versatility without compromising on safety. * Optimized Shell Sizes: Available in two shell sizes for a precise fit, because when it comes to protection, fit is everything. * Polycarbonate Fiber Shell: Crafted for maximum impact resistance, keeping your head safe is the core mission of this robust yet lightweight shell. * SpeedView® Solar Visor: With a retractable solar visor, you're ready for rides in any light, assured of constant eye protection. * Pinlock Included: Bid farewell to fogging with the included Max Vision Pinlock lens, offering you a clear and expansive view of the road. * KwikWick III® Liner: Experience the ultimate comfort with a liner that’s not only hypoallergenic but also plush to the touch, and effortlessly washable. * Kwikfit™ Cheekpads: Designed to accommodate your eyeglasses so you can stay sharp and focused on the journey ahead. * Micrometric Buckle: Quick to fasten and release, yet secure enough to stay latched through every turn and twist. EXO-Tech Evo: More than Just a Helmet * Pinlock: Ride into the mist without a worry. Your vision stays clear, your focus stays sharp, and your adventure stays uninterrupted. * Washable Interior: Keep it fresh, keep it clean. A removable, washable interior means your helmet is just as ready for new adventures as you are. * Micrometric Buckle for Easy Adjustment: Get the perfect fit, fast. The micrometric buckle combines convenience with security, a quick snap fitting your ride as snugly as your helmet. Curious about the innovation that the EXO-Tech Evo Team brings to your rides? Contact us () for the nitty-gritty. Or, if you’re itching to see more, rev up your style with our Scorpion helmet () collection.
Neutral - Polycarbonate

Price: AUD 455.96

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