Image of Scorpion Belfast Evo Romeo Cream Black Jet Helmet Size L EN

Scorpion Belfast Evo Romeo Cream Black Jet Helmet Size L EN

Scorpion Belfast Evo Romeo Cream Black Jet Helmet Introducing the Belfast Evo from Scorpion, a helmet that brilliantly combines retro aesthetics with modern functionality. Designed to captivate with its 'Attention-to-Detail' finishings and sleek fashion quality, Belfast Evo is for those who dream of the perfect marriage of classic and contemporary styles. It ensures a comfortable fit with Scorpion’s superior leather feel and advanced interior fitting. This helmet is your ideal companion for the road, providing peace of mind with every ride. The Belfast Evo is more than a helmet; it's a statement, making you never want to stop exploring. Key Features of Belfast Evo * ECE 22.06 Certified: Adhering to the latest safety standards for maximum protection. * Ultra TCT Technology: Revolutionary pre-preg technology by Scorpion EXO™ offers unmatched protection, being extremely light and effective at energy absorption upon impact. * Speedview Sunvisor: Retractable and treated with anti-fog on both sides for clear vision under varying conditions. * Quick Release/One Touch Buckle: Ensures ease of use, offering quick and secure fastening. * 5-Year Warranty: A testament to Scorpion's confidence in their product's durability and quality. Why Choose Belfast Evo? * Retro-Modern Style: Perfect for riders who appreciate a classic look with modern features. * Advanced Safety: Incorporating cutting-edge technologies for ultimate head protection. * Comfort and Clarity: Designed for a snug fit with clear visibility, enhancing your riding experience. Want to know more about the Belfast Evo? Contact us ( for additional details or support. And if you're eager to discover more Scorpion gear, head over to our Scorpion helmet ( category page for a variety of high-quality options!
Beige - Fiberglass / fiber mix

Price: AUD 243.40

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