Image of SIDI Agueda Black Boots Size 44 EN

SIDI Agueda Black Boots Size 44 EN

Why order the SIDI Agueda Black Boots? The Sidi Agueda Motocross boots are part of ChromeBurner’s motocross collection. Motocross and Enduro riders have their very own, very specific list of things they need their gear to do. Riding your bike in tricky conditions, jumping and sliding, makes you prone to injuries for which you need the right gear to protect you. That’s why you will really want to invest in a pair of sturdy protective motocross boots that are able to absorb impacts and prevent your legs from twisting in directions you don’t want them to. If you're not into this particular pair of Motocross boots, simply check out our other offroad boots from Sidi. () The Agueda protective features These multifunctional mx boots are constructed from Cowhide leather, Microfiber, Polyester which makes them durable, sturdy and able to provide excellent protection for both your feet and ankles. The Agueda have a closure system which comprises of Buckles. The Agueda are packed with protective features such as an Ankle cup, Heel cup, Shin guard, Toe cap, Toe sliders. Sidi Agueda looks The world of motocross and enduro is not exactly known for a lack of style, color and expression: you want your gear to match yours! That's why these Agueda boots are available in Black and these boots certainly won't hurt your style. If this is not the color you are looking for don't worry we have plenty of other color options for the Agueda offroad boots right here! ()
Black - Cowhide leather,Microfiber,Polyester

Price: AUD 378.34

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