Image of Roco 70888 H0 Diesel locomotive 118 652-7 DR

Roco 70888 H0 Diesel locomotive 118 652-7 DR

Diesel locomotive 118 652 of the German State Railways.The V 180 series was the first line diesel locomotive developed and built in the DDR. Over time, some sub-series arose from conversions. A 6-axis version was also developed, which was motorized with 2,000 hp from the start and was described as series 118.2–4.With the availability of the 1,200 hp engine, it began to equip the C’C’ machines accordingly. Not all locomotives were rebuilt, so the 2,400-hp machines were given a 400 increased order number to distinguish them, and the 118.6–8 series was built.A special feature of the six-axle version is the low axle traction of 15.6 t, so that this locomotive can be universally used on branch lines.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 244.99

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