Image of Roco 70284 H0 Steam locomotive BR 5040 of DR

Roco 70284 H0 Steam locomotive BR 5040 of DR

The steam locomotive series 50.40 of the German State Railways of the GDR was a further development of the goods train unit locomotive series BR 50 of the DRG. During the construction of the locomotive, special care was taken to use many of the same components as the parallel developed passenger train locomotive BR 23.10, in order to save costs during repair and spare part storage.The manufacturer VEB Lokomotivbau Karl Marx in Babelsberg delivered a total of 88 machines from 1956 to 1960, which were put into service with operating numbers 50 4001 to 50 4088. With an axle load of 15 tons, the locomotives could be used freely, but they were mainly located in the northern directorates of the DR and here in front of passenger and freight trains. Due to the vulnerable sheet metal frame, the locomotives were withdrawn from the train service until 1980 and continued to be used as stationary heating systems.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 380.00

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