Image of Red Panda Costume for Adults ID FUN1090AD-ST

Red Panda Costume for Adults ID FUN1090AD-ST

Are you tired of being a plain, boring old human? Sure, opposable thumbs and a rational thinking mind are fairly neat, and it’s hard to deny that language and tool are pretty great, but admit it. You’d give up all of that if it meant you got to be a cute, cuddly animal with tons of fluffy fur and an adorable scrunched up animal face! You’d even give up your fancy technology and job if it meant becoming a red panda, living in the forest. It’s okay. You’re among friends, so you can openly admit your design to become an animal. (And we totally won’t tell anyone of your lofty dreams of becoming a furry critter.) We’ve often dreamed about turning into an animal too. It’s part of the reason that we decided to get into the costume game (it’s the best way to become an animal outside of some experimental bio-engineering). Our costume designers got to work crafting the perfect red panda costume and spent many moons working on this particular anima outfit, which turns you into the lovable red panda! Yes, this red panda costume for adults comes with everything you need to look like a wild critter! It comes with a full body-jumpsuit that has a hood that’s shaped like a tiny little red panda head. The entire jumpsuit is made out of faux black fur with plenty of reddish-brown accents. The costume also comes with a pair of paw-shaped mitts and a pair of shoe covers.

Price: USD 59.99

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