Image of Plus Size Postal Honey Women's Costume ID PKPK2107XL-5X

Plus Size Postal Honey Women's Costume ID PKPK2107XL-5X

Working Conditions We've all heard that nothing, not snow, rain, heat, or dark of night, is supposed to prevent mail carriers from completing their rounds. But you're not an actual courier. You just want to play one for Halloween. And you know you carry through on the fun your personality promises if you're too warm for the party. Dancing and celebrating with fellow revelers is difficult dressed in a hot and heavy uniform. Luckily, we have the solution you need with this Women's Plus Size Postal Honey Costume! Product Details Deliver good times when you dress in this cute and clever mail carrier costume! Modeled after traditional summer uniforms, the ensemble features short hems and sleeves. Made from stretch knit fabric and designed as a single piece plus accessories, it's sure to wear lighter than an official uniform. Snaps at the inseam allow the garment to be pulled over the head and leave the costume looking sleek and seamless! The attached skirt offers 14 inches of coverage that keeps you feeling cool while looking fierce! The bodice of the suit has a deep-V neckline and a narrow collar. Accessorize with the included functional carrier bag and American flag print baseball cap to complete the look!

Price: USD 74.99

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