Image of Plus Size Men's Voodoo Doctor Costume ID FUN3120PL-5X

Plus Size Men's Voodoo Doctor Costume ID FUN3120PL-5X

Strange Business You've always been a bit of an entrepreneur. You've tried lawn mowing, house painting, and dog walking. But none of that matched your macabre interests. The employment question that always seemed to be hanging over your head was answered when you took a trip to New Orleans. You were moseying down the back streets of The French Quarter when a strange sort of smoke came up from the cobblestones, making it difficult to see. You didn't know where to go in the thick, acid air until a lone trumpet sounded from an open storefront. You followed the sound and soon you were in a strange business, one that didn't look like it would be legal in today's world. Animal teeth hung from the rafters, incense burned thickly in the air, and behind the counter, a figure in a tall hat emerged from the shadows. From the moment you saw them, you knew they would be your mentor! Details & Design This Made By Us Plus Size Voodoo Doctor costume will tap you into the dark atmosphere of Halloween, without looping you into a strange New Orleans underworld. With details designed by our in-house creative team, this costume is unique to our company. The costume features a blood-red vinyl vest printed with a snake on the back. Aged bones are printed onto the long sleeve shirt underneath. A belt cinches the skeleton shirt in. It has loops throughout to hold any unsavory accessories that you might think of. The look is topped off with skeleton gloves and a felt hat studded in details such as feathers and a printed skull.  Who do Our Voodoo costumes are unique and mysterious to make sure you have a delightfully spooky Halloween! Go ahead and get creative, top off this costume with a creepy staff, potion bottles for your belt, and a skull makeup kit. You can even make this a group or couple costume with Voodoo doll costumes or priestess costume! Who do voodoo? Why you do, of course!

Price: USD 69.99

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