Image of Plus Size Gothic Elegance Witch Women's Costume | Witch Costumes ID SLS2272X-1X

Plus Size Gothic Elegance Witch Women's Costume | Witch Costumes ID SLS2272X-1X

I've Got You, My Pretty  Not all witches wear tattered black robes, have warts, and cackle like hyenas. Those are good ways to intimidate their intended victims - err, clients - but some witches prefer a subtler approach. They do know magic, after all, and can use it to play up their natural allure. If such a witch finds you, beware! You won't know that you're under her spell until it's far too late.  Product Details This Plus Size Gothic Elegance Witch Costume for Women is a little bit magical, a little bit high fashion, and is a whole lot of fun to wear! The stretchy spandex minidress is printed with a vintage pattern and has a mesh halter-style neckline sewn with a black velour bow. The bodice is embellished with a lace-up inset and the glittery organza belt can be tied around the waist as desired. A pair of long velour gloves matches the velour witch hat with its glittery tulle. Four garter clips are sewn to the front and back of the dress's hemline so that you can wear the outfit with your favorite pair of stockings.  A Bit of Both   Not sure whether to be a good witch or a bad witch for Halloween? Why choose at all? You've probably got a sweet side and a mischievous side, so play both sides up using a costume that's both stylish and sassy. A word to the wise: It's not the warmest thing to wear if you plan to fly a long distance on a broom, so consider making arrangements for human-style transportation if you're going to a party. 

Price: USD 79.99

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