Image of Pink Pterodactyl Women's Costume ID FUN4658AD-M

Pink Pterodactyl Women's Costume ID FUN4658AD-M

Imagine the Possibilities Dinosaurs are some of the most incredible creatures that humans have... never seen. Short of cloning them through fossilized DNA and bringing them to life, we have no way to know what they really looked like (and certain blockbuster movies suggest that the cloning option is a bad idea). What we know of these impressive animals is gleaned only from their bones, so why not imagine that some of them had hot pink scales? Product Details Indulge your love of dinosaurs with this exclusive Pink Pterodactyl Costume for Women! The shiny, bubblegum-pink jumpsuit fastens up the back and features an oval-shaped, rose-pink inset sewn over its chest and torso. Its long sleeves end in fabric-clawed mitts that attach to each palm with an elastic band. The shoe covers also feature fabric claws. A pair of rose-pink fabric wings is sewn to the underside of the sleeves. The costume hood is decorated with plastic eyes, felt eyelashes, a soft-sculpted snout, and embroidered nostrils.  Swoop and Soar  Who would win in a fight: a pterodactyl or a T. Rex? Many people would probably choose the King of the Lizards, but we'd put our money on the pterodactyl. After all, a flying dinosaur can swoop out of range at any time, which is a huge advantage. This costume won't actually give you the power of flight (sorry about that), but it will certainly make you stand out from the crowd the way that a big flying reptile would stand out in a group of birds.

Price: USD 69.99

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