Image of Pewter Style St Michael Warrior Statue - 135

Pewter Style St Michael Warrior Statue - 135

St. Michael the Archangel StatueLightly hand painted in pewter and gold tonesStrong and courageous appearanceFinely detailed and attractiveGreat gift for those devoted to the Archangel or in need of special protectionSt. Michael stands battle ready in this powerful statue that emphasizes his strength and courage as God's mighty warrior. The statue is lightly hand painted in pewter tones, highly detailed, and features gold accents for a striking appearance. He holds his sword and shield, ready for the fight, or emerging victorious. Name plate at the bottom reads St. Michael. A wonderful and masculine depiction of courage, devotion, and strength and a powerful gift of faith. | Pewter Style St. Michael Warrior Statue - 13.5

Price: USD 172.95

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