Image of PL-SAM2 Eltako Blinds actuator Flush mount

PL-SAM2 Eltako Blinds actuator Flush mount

Powerline shutter actuator for 1 motor. 53x43mm, 25mm deep, for mounting in 58-mm switch boxes. 1+1 closer for motors up to 3A. 2 sensor inputs with internal low voltage. Standby loss of only 0.5 watt. For controlling and switching on the same place. Only use potential-free switching elements. Internal low voltage at the sensor inputs. The control inputs can be used for a blind button or a blind switch. The runtime is pre-set with 120 seconds and can be changed with the installation software SIENNA-Professional. There are two rotary switches on the front for the address assignment: The left rotary switch determines the group address g with 16 alphabetical values from A to P. The right rotary switch determines the element address element with 16 numerical values from 0 to 15. Above it there is a slider switch for configuration switches with positions 0.1 and 2. To the left of the rotary switches is a red LED indicating all activities. There is a reset button next to it and a service pin to the right of it. Functions as per operating instructions. The above connection terminals are plug-in terminals for conductor cross-sections of 0.2 mm2 up to 1.5mm2. There are also three wires with wire-end sleeves for the two control inputs with internal extra-low voltage.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 125.00

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