Image of PGX TS Hybrid Set ID 886

PGX TS Hybrid Set ID 886

Hybrid "combo" sets are becoming more and more popular in golf. The combination of hybrids to replace the lower 3 & 4 irons mixed with your regular irons are the route to go if you are like most golfers and struggle with the harder to hit 3 & 4 irons. The PGX Hybrids (3 and 4) are the latest release from Pinemeadow Golf. The PGX Hybrids are cast from 17-4ph Stainless Steel and utilize "Variable Face Thickness" technology. The center of the hybrid face is 2.75mm thick with surrounding area thickness measuring 2.25mm to 2.05mm. The PGX Hybrids will be recognized as a "hybrid wood" design that has a stealth crown finish and a gloss PVD sole and matte PVD face. Tested by our best golfers, the PGX Hybrids are receiving awesome reviews ! The PGX Irons pair well with the PGX hybrids. The PGX Irons are cast from 431 Stainless Steel and utilize a wide "Power Chamber" behind the face facilitating a trampoline effect at impact. When you combine the "Power Chamber" with the wide sole design the result will be a higher ball flight with considerable distance. The mirror finish and the impact dampening medallion make this club look just incredible.

Price: USD 389.95

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