Image of Opposuits Harlequeen Suit for Women ID OSOSWM0010-8

Opposuits Harlequeen Suit for Women ID OSOSWM0010-8

Is This What "Business Casual" Means?  It can be so hard to figure out dress codes when your preferred line of work usually involves a flashy bodysuit. During the morning, you have to go sit in the office, but in the evening, you'd rather be tearing around town causing mayhem and maybe acting as the villain against the city's boring superhero. Having an outfit that can seamlessly go from day to night would be amazing!  Product Details Bring a unique take to a harlequin costume or enliven an everyday business meeting by wearing your uniquely awesome Womens Opposuits Harlequeen Suit! The two-piece outfit includes a long-sleeved jacket with a narrow lapel and a purple center button. It's printed all over with a pattern of bright green, yellow, and purple diamonds. The pattern is echoed in the pencil skirt, which zips up the back. The outfit looks amazing when worn over a white shirt or cami, or even when worn over a variety of fun colors. After all, you are a harlequin! The last thing you'd want to do is look ordinary.  The Definition of "Icon" If you look it up in the dictionary, "icon" has a picture of you instead of a description! That's because you're able to pull off such a charismatically charming look that matches your vibrant personality. If you were to do a little casual villainry in it, you would most likely get away with it. The police would probably shrug and say, "Well, she looks amazing, so..." (Side note: Please do not test this theory, just in case.) 

Price: USD 79.99

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