Image of Nexx Y100 Pure Black Matt Full Face Helmet Taille L

Nexx Y100 Pure Black Matt Full Face Helmet Taille L

Nexx Y.100 Pure Black Matt Full Face Helmet Discover the perfect blend of lightweight design and unparalleled comfort with the Nexx Y.100 helmet. Crafted for the spirited rider, its aerodynamic shape, derived from extensive wind-tunnel testing, optimizes stability and soundproofing at thrilling speeds. Experience the comfort of 3D formed interiors, anti-sweat and anti-allergic features, alongside superior ventilation that ensures a cool and fresh journey, every time. With its wide eye port, you're guaranteed an expansive view of the urban sprawl, enhancing your sense of freedom on every ride. Specifications of the Y.100 * Type Rider: Whether you're carving the canyons or cruising the city, the Y.100 is designed for the sport enthusiast. With X.COM3 readiness and a detachable actioncam holder, capture every thrilling moment without compromising on style or safety. * Shell: Constructed with polycarbonate and available in two shell sizes, the Y.100's lightweight design (1575 grams) doesn't sacrifice durability. Wind tunnel tested for optimum aerodynamics, it ensures stability even at high speeds, letting you focus on the ride. * Interior: The helmet's interior is not just comfortable; it's designed to fit like a glove. Removable and washable linings and cheek pads make maintenance a breeze, ensuring your gear is always fresh for the next ride. * Safety: Safety is paramount with the Y.100, featuring a plastic micrometric buckle and ECE 22.06 certification. The Emergency micrometric System allows for rapid removal of cheek pads, ensuring immediate access in the event of an incident. * Ventilation: Keep cool with front and rear ventilation openings, engineered to create a constant airflow, maintaining comfort and focus during your ride. * Visor: Prepared for Pinlock, the visor of the Y.100 is designed to offer clear vision in all conditions. An integrated UV-resistant sun visor protects against the sun's glare, ensuring your journey is not just safe, but enjoyable. Extras of the Y.100 * Pinlock Ready: The Y.100 comes prepared for Pinlock, ensuring your visor remains fog-free in all weather conditions, offering clear vision for safer rides. * UV Protection: The integrated sun visor blocks 99% of UV light, safeguarding your eyes during those bright, sunny days. * Connectivity: Equipped for the NEXX Helmets X-COM3 System, the Y.100 allows you to stay connected with Bluetooth 5.2 stereo headset and long-range Bluetooth intercom, designed for peak performance without sacrificing safety. Do you need more information about this product? Contact us (). We gladly help you out in your search for a new motorcycle adventure. Want to see more? Then look at our Nexx Helmets () category page.
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