Image of Men's Plus Size Scary Ringmaster Costume ID FUN0962PL-4X

Men's Plus Size Scary Ringmaster Costume ID FUN0962PL-4X

Big Top Swap Sure, sure. The circus is super FUN. Nothing scary about a bunch of clowns. Or lions. Or the music. Yup. Nothing bone-chilling about any of that.  Except for...everything! Swap "creepy" for "fun" and now you know how we feel about the circus. It's a spooky wonderland of strange people and circumstances, and you never know what will happen. This Plus Size Men's Scary Ringmaster Costume will help bring your eerie vision of the Big Top to life this Halloween. If you don't believe us that the circus can be scary, then we'll just ask you: You've seen this costume, right? You want that showing up at your door at 2 in the morning? And we mentioned the clowns, right? Product Details If you want to feel truly amazed, check out how much detail went into this exclusive costume's jacket, shirt front, pants, and hat. The crimson red velvet tailcoat jacket has a cool cutaway detail and fringed satin epaulets. The piece fastens with a chain across antique brass buttons, while satin embellishments definitely say "I'm the leader of this (scary) show." And just check out this top hat. It looks pretty normal, right? Now put it alongside the rest of this getup and it instantly becomes creepy, right?  Take Center Stage You may not win many friends in this freaky costume, but you'll likely win several costume contests. See for yourself just how menacing and formidable you feel when you slip on this costume. We'd hate to find ourselves trapped on your circus train!

Price: USD 69.99

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