Image of Meiwa Sweet Kumquat Tree (Height: 2 - 3 FT)

Meiwa Sweet Kumquat Tree (Height: 2 - 3 FT)

The Kumquat tree is a small, evergreen fruit tree of the family Rutaceae classified as genus Fortunella; Kumquat trees are historically classified as a citrus tree (genus Citrus), but the Swingle system of citrus taxonomy placed them in their own genus. Meiwa Kumquat trees are a natural hybrid of Marumi and Nagami Kumquats. They were first brought to Japan during the Meiwa period 1764-72, hence the name. Kumquat trees were introduced to Europe by Robert Fortune in 1846 and shortly after to North America. Kumquat trees are divided into multiple species and one of them is the sweet Meiwa Kumquat tree (Fortunella crassifolia). A Kumquat tree can grow as tall as 4’-8’ ft with dense branches that are relatively thornless. This citrus tree has glossy, dark green foliage and white fragrant blooms that occur singly or in clusters on the leaf axils. Standard and Dwarf Kumquat trees do not grow well from seeds and are generally cultivated and propagated using rootstock of another citrus fruit. It is better to buy your Kumquat trees instead of growing them from seeds. Like most citrus fruits, Kumquats are self-pollinating but much hardier. Meiwa Kumquat trees produce bright colored round to oval-shaped sweet fruits with an edible rind & flesh with soft seeds in the interior.

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