Image of M5Stack PM25 Sensor Meter USB Power SHT20 with Black Basic Core

M5Stack PM25 Sensor Meter USB Power SHT20 with Black Basic Core

Description PM2 5 is a pollution sensor base with affordable price and high performance Integrated with PMSA003 and SHT20 makes it possible to measure the ambient quality of air temperature and humility all at one device Much discussion and research have taken place within academic and government environmental organizations as to how accurate such sensors are and whether they have a place in the enforcing of environmental regulation or even providing an indication of air quality trends to people With M5Stack product series the system makes it much easier to deploy the measurement node all around the city and make it possible to build a complete ecosystem from regulation enforcement to indication With regards to PMSA003 it is a digital particulate concentration sensor designed by using the principle of laser scattering method It is capable of continuous acquisition and computing the number of suspended particles in per unit volume which is also the particulate concentration distribution Then turn it into mass concentration and output through digital GPIO Precise measurement implemented by laser scattering method Digital output standard UART comunication0 error alarm ratereal time responsecontinuous acquisitionMin1max particle size resolution 0 3 ĀµmPattern structure design 6 sides full dimension cover high antijamming capabilityAlternative in outlet direction wide application scale users no need to redesign the air flue Tiny body 12 mm good for portable and wea

Price: USD 86.99

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