Image of Lifeless Bunny Costume for Adults ID FUN1617AD-L

Lifeless Bunny Costume for Adults ID FUN1617AD-L

There's nothing as cheerful as a bunny mascot. Surrounded by painted eggs, brightly colored baskets, and shiny, green, plastic grass, the Easter bunny has an important job to do. They are the ones who welcome spring, the ones who incite that springtime hippity hoppity in all of us even if winter is lingering on our door. We love the big white bunny, there's no way we'd ever do anything to harm it, right? Like all cast outs, this lifeless bunny didn't start as the downtrodden character you see before you. Believe it or not, this sad rabbit started out as a cheerful, fluffy, white bunny. After years of Easter time festivities where that soft, fluffy fur was worn away by small hands sticky with layers of melted jelly bean someone decided it was time to retire the poor, worn cottontail. Yes, that's right just because this rabbit was showing a little wear and tear, a whole lot of bald patches we humans just put him away. The rabbit just lay there in a dark and dank closet, losing more and more fur, waiting for just one more day in the spotlight, making children giggle. Now, we're giving this rabbit a new lease on life, not that we're sure that this somber bunny is that into it. For your next costumed event give this aged bunny suit another chance. Sure, it doesn't have the cheery personality that it once had but it sure has gained character. The over-sized head has uneven eyes and floppy stitched ears. It's paired with a tunic with attached mitts and pants with attached boot covers, giving your lifeless bunny a cohesive look. This bunny might not reinvigorate your hippity hoppity but at least your character will have plenty of. . . well, character.

Price: USD 59.99

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