Image of Lamax T6 Dashcam with GPS Horizontal viewing angle (max)=140 ° Battery Automatic start File protection Display

Lamax T6 Dashcam with GPS Horizontal viewing angle (max)=140 ° Battery Automatic start File protection Display

Protects and does not obstruct the viewProtect yourself and your car while traveling. Lamax T6 has everything – the full HD resolution provides for sufficient reference details and the wide-angle lens with a 140° recording captures the events on its lane and also in the oncoming traffic. The daily use is facilitated by the magnetic GPS-holder and you can download all the recordings very easily via the in-built WLAN and the application in the Smartphone. Thanks to the small dimensions of the camera, you always have free view in the car and you can take it everywhere.Evidence in the right handsLamax T6 records everything that was happening before the car at an angle of 140°. The video resolution of 1920×1080 pixels is perfect for capturing details such as police license plates or the faces of other road users. If something happens, you have clear proof of their innocence.Ready, recording in 3, 2, 1Click in and off you go. Thanks to the magnetic holder, the daily installation is maximum simple. Once attached to the window and then just click on and off the camera. Immediately after you sit in your car, you can start driving and you do not have to set the right angle first and move the cable mess to the side.Connection to the phone and PCThe recordings can be easily downloaded to your phone thanks to WLAN. The mobile application also enables video editing, control of the camera and a view of the video recording in real time. In this way, you can easily find the ideal setting and the right angle on a larger display. In the PC you can analyze every trip thanks to the GPS player. In addition to the video, you will also see GPS recordings, speed information and the position on the map.The camera takes care of the memory itselfThe Lamax T6 camera can be operated with memory cards up to a capacity of 128 GB. It can accommodate up to 24 hours of video recording. In addition, the car camera sorts the recordings and when the memory is full, it deletes the oldest recordings. The recordings can be locked by pressing a button so that they are not accidentally deleted. The camera also detects an impact with the help of the sensitive G-sensor, which automatically locks the recording. This allows you to record every second of your journey and protect yourself.An operating mode for every situationFast light and shadow changes are a challenge for every camera. Shadows in a tunnel and also on a trip through a tree alley cannot be avoided. The Lamax T6 has a high-quality chip and a WDR function optics, which make it easy to cope with even the worse light conditions. Important objects such as the police license plate or the car mark remain readable, even if they are blinded by an oncoming vehicle.The GPS module records both speed and directionNo more speculation about speeds. The camera is equipped with a magnetic GPS holder. Thanks to the, you can see in the video how fast you drove. In the event of an accident, you will have an argument in your hands that you have not violated any regulations. Lamax T6 helps them to solve controversial situations.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 125.00

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