Image of LS2 FF908 STROBE II Gloss Black-06 Modular Helmet Size XL EN

LS2 FF908 STROBE II Gloss Black-06 Modular Helmet Size XL EN

LS2 FF908 Strobe II Gloss Black-06 Modular Helmet For the motorcyclist who values both style and safety, the LS2 FF908 Strobe II is a beacon of excellence. This helmet doesn't just meet safety standards; it sets them. Precision-crafted and feature-rich, the LS2 FF908 Strobe II enhances your ride by combining top-grade protection with a sleek, modern design. Let's explore the standout features that make this helmet a must-have for any rider. Features of the LS2 FF908 Strobe II * Micrometric Buckle: The user-friendly micrometric buckle ensures a secure fit, crucial for rider safety and comfort, even when wearing gloves. * Reinforced Chin Strap: Additional reinforcement in the chin strap enhances protection, keeping you secure in every journey. * Reflective Safety Patch: Stay visible, stay safe. The reflective patch on the helmet increases your visibility, especially during night rides. * Multi-Density EPS: The helmet's multi-density EPS layer absorbs impacts efficiently, offering comprehensive head protection. * Optimal Ventilation: Featuring channelled EPS, top vents, and a chin vent, the helmet maintains airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable. * Comfort Liner: Experience the luxury of a removable, washable, breathable, and hypoallergenic comfort liner, tailored for extended rides. * Advanced Visor Technology: With a twin visor system, scratch and UV resistant main visor, and readiness for Pinlock, the helmet ensures clear vision in all conditions. Extra's with LS2 FF908 Strobe II * Pinlock Ready: The LS2 FF908 Strobe II is ready for Pinlock installation, providing fog-free vision across varied weather conditions. * Laser-Cut Foam: For a perfect fit, the helmet's interior includes laser-cut foam, ensuring maximum comfort on every ride. * Chin Curtain: The chin curtain reduces wind noise and adds an extra layer of comfort, enhancing your riding experience. * Multiple Color Options: The LS2 FF908 Strobe II comes in various colors and designs to match your personal style. Intrigued by the LS2 FF908 Strobe II? Reach out to us () for more details. Want to explore more options? Visit our LS2 Helmets () category page for a wider selection.
Black - Polycarbonate

Price: AUD 162.74

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