Image of Knox Urbane Pro Black Men's Trousers Talla XL

Knox Urbane Pro Black Men's Trousers Talla XL

Why order the Knox Urbane Pro Black Men's Trousers motorcycle pants? The Knox Urbane Pro motorcycle pants are great adventure / touring pants from Knox. The Urbane Pro are designed as do-it-all motorcycling pants aimed at long distance riding, playing right into the needs and wishes of Aventura/Touring riders. Want to see other adventure / touring pants from Knox? We have plenty more Knox motorcycle pants () in our collection. Knox Urbane Pro features These Nailon pants from Knox have CE Nivel 2 Cadera, CE Nivel 2 Rodilla protectors included. This combination provides abrasion resistance and the impact protection making it a durable and multi-functional pair of pants. When it comes to ventilating properties, it is equipped with Paneles de malla en las piernas, making it suitable for warmer climates. Knox Urbane Pro looks Riding pants are an integral part of your outfit and they should match the rest of your gear, most importantly they should reflect your personality and riding style. So if you are looking for a Negro pair of pants, this particular version of the Urbane Pro is a great choice! If you are looking for a different color, or matching products we have all other options for the Urbane Pro right here! ()
Negro - PoliƩster

Price: EUR 269.99

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