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Knox Dual Pro Jacket Women's Green S

Why choose the Knox Dual Pro Jacket Women's Green motorcycle jacket? The Knox Dual Pro motorcycle jacket is a great 4 Season jacket from Knox. A motorcycle jacket is an important piece of your outfit since it protects you in case of a crash, keeps you protected from the elements and arguably most importantly: it shows off your style! This Dual Pro from Knox is a great addition to any Adventure/Touring rider's wardrobe! Not the right jacket for you? Don't fret, we have plenty of other Knox motorcycle jackets () in our collection. Knox Dual Pro features The Dual Pro is constructed from Softshell to provide the necessary level of abrasion resistance. N/A protectors are included, and the jacket is prepared for N/A protectors. This jacket is waterproof thanks to a Laminated, Unbranded waterproof membrane, which allows you to stay safe and comfortable in inclement weather as well. In terms of thermal isolation, this jacket is equipped with a Detachable, Thermal (full sleeve) inner lining. When it comes to ventilating properties, this jacket is equipped with No active ventilation. Knox Dual Pro appearance Your jacket is one of the most visible parts of your outfit, so it is important that it reflects your personality or matches your bike. If you are looking for a Green jacket, this particular version of the Dual Pro is a great choice! If you are looking for a different color, we have all other color options for the Dual Pro right here! ()
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