Image of KRW 24241878101 Natural Beauty센텔라 리바이탈라이징 안티-링클 크림 30g/1oz

KRW 24241878101 Natural Beauty센텔라 리바이탈라이징 안티-링클 크림 30g/1oz

병풀 추출물, 콩, 야생 얌 뿌리 추출물 함유 식물 스테롤과 플라보노이드 성분이 피부에 수분과 영양을 공급합니다 유해 환경에 저항할 수 있도록 피부를 강화합니다 노화에 의한 피부 징후를 최소화합니다 피부에 생기를 부여하고 탄력있게 가꿔 줍니다- Skin activating and firming botanical complex: wild yam, soybean, potato vine and other natural plant extracts and biological active compound. It is rich in phytosterols, flavonoids and bioactive ingredients, which can activate to repair skin damage, and supply nutrients needed for damaged skin. - Glacial algae: repair skin damage from aging. - Evening primrose oil: effective in the repair of epidermis, enhance the outer layer to retain water. - Organic certified Aloe extract, cucumber: The double effect of moisturizing, calming, and soothing Efficacy: - High concentration of botanical ingredients, designed in line with skin physiology, does not clog pores - Reverse aging, activate skin, make skin young again - Increase skin’s defense against the environment Usage: After the essence, take an appropriate amount of the product and spread it evenly on the face, massage gently until fully absorbed.
Natural Beauty

Price: KRW 114438.50

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