Image of IS PRO Activewear Compression Crew neck TA0001

IS PRO Activewear Compression Crew neck TA0001

IS PRO ACTIVEWEAR Crew-neck T-shirt is a unique short sleeve compression T-shirt that will make you look up to 5 slimmer and pounds lighter Instantly. Benefits: * Slim your body instantly * Firm and tone your upper torso * Support your lower back * Eliminate your love handles * Fabric wears like a second skin so you get the same powerful compression * Extreme comfort for all-day, everyday wear * Smooth fabric provides extreme comfort and compression without restriction. * Keeps the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain. * Provides muscular support * Improved blood flow from graduated compression * Increased muscular strength with less energy expenditure * Gives athletes the benefits of improved endurance * Decreased recovery time after training sessions * Lowered fatigue levels * Highlight your abs; transform your torso in an instant * 4-Way Stretch fabrication allows greater mobility and maintains shape * Our exclusive fabric designed just for Insta Slim * 72%Nylon/28%Spandex * Made in USA Anti-Odor. Anti-Bacterial. SPF-50. This shirt is made of a special blend of 72% nylon, 28% spandex fibers, making the garment comfortable to wear all day, every day. Can be worn for work or play, as an under garment or outerwear, to exercise and or enjoy a night out on the town. Must have for the man that always wants to look his very best.

Price: USD 59.95

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