Image of ID 516472100 40 Light Pink Peonies

ID 516472100 40 Light Pink Peonies

Fluffy ballerina blooms, Shirley Temple Peonies are youthful an enormously impressive. Named after the starlet, these soft pink hues enclosed in a ruffled package come with a deliciously delicate scent. Try our demure Shirley Temple Peonies, an accessory that any admirer of Marie Antoinette fashion would adore! Shirley Temple Peonies are the floral embodiment of poofy corseted dresses and the opulence of parties with decadent cakes. They are the perfect companion to your toast-worthy event as they pick up the colors of champagne. Brighten up the ambiance with these joyous orbs. Share your delight at your anniversary party. Our Shirley Temple Peonies receive tender care their entire time with us, raised by floral handmaidens in Alaska. We make sure they travel safely to you so that you can have flowers of the highest caliber.

Price: USD 240.00

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