Image of ID 516472044 240 Fresh Cut Red Tulips

ID 516472044 240 Fresh Cut Red Tulips

Wholesale Red Tulip Flowers. Absolutely fresh Flowers: Tulip Flowers. All our Wholesale Red Tulip Flowers are harvest in environmental friendly greenhouses, using the latest equipment offered, so we can assure excellence every single day. Globalrose sells Wholesale Red Tulip Flowers at prices that are usually lower than most local wholesalers. All our Tulip Flower collection and wholesale flowers are garnered specially for you, your loved one or special event 3 days before they are delivered to your door. They can be used for wedding flowers, parties, tulip bouquets, and birthdays or for Valentines Day flowers.Where to buy Tulip Flowers Globalrose is the answer.

Price: USD 230.00

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